What Makes A Good Logo?

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If you have recently started a business, or have been revising your current branding, this question may have popped up in your mind before. It’s hard to say what exactly makes a good logo, as personal preference plays a big role in deciding what makes a design good or not. However, there are some key features every logo should have. Read on to find out what they are.

What makes a good logo

A good logo is simple

It should not be over complicated because simplicity is what will make it memorable. Customers will not spend a great deal of time analysing your logo so it should be something they are instantly able to read and associate with your brand. Some of the biggest brands have simple designs, such as the McDonald’s ‘M’ and the Nike ‘swoosh.’

Nike swoosh logo
Nike ‘swoosh’
McDonald's logo
McDonald’s logo
Fed Ex logo
Fed Ex logo

Creativity is key

While your logo should be simple, it shouldn’t be boring or unoriginal. If it is too similar to your competitors, or another company, you risk not standing out or being mistaken for a different company. Be creative in your colour choices, fonts or imagery to create a logo which stands out.

Logos Should be well balanced

This is more technical advice. A good logo should be well balanced, with all elements within it correctly proportioned. Text should not overpower images and vice versa. Rather, all images, text and colours should be in harmony. 

Logo Don't
Logo Do

Versatility and Scalability

You should be able to use your logo for a range of purposes such as printing on leaflets or products as well as for digital use. So it must look clear at different scales, in different formats and colours. Ensuring it is designed as a vector is the best way to achieve scalability and versatility as vectors can be scaled to any size, and multiple colourways are easily achievable.

Timelessness is crucial

A logo is one of the main ways customers will identify your brand. It is also one of the first things new businesses need to create. It is worthwhile putting in the effort at the start to design a good one. Otherwise, you may have to update it later on, potentially confusing your customers. Sometimes, changing your logo means you have to do an entire rebrand. Creating a timeless design, which isn’t selected based on current trends, ensures it will be effective for as long as possible.

The Takeaway

While originality is important in a logo, less is ‘more.’ It is better to have a simple and timeless logo which will withstand years of marketing, than a flashy logo which looks outdated in future years. You can have a go at designing a logo yourself, but always ensure you hire a graphic designer to create vector formats of your logo if you don’t know how to do so. While it is an investment, this way you can use your logo for any product or purpose without worrying about image quality loss.

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