Why are Testimonials Important for Businesses?

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Testimonials, reviews, quotes. Similar words for the same thing: feedback from customers.

You may be wondering why you need them for your business, and how to get your hands on some positive testimonials. In this blog post, we have broken down why you need them, how to get them, and how to use them.

Why are testimonials important for businesses?

Why do you need testimonials?

  1. They build trust by showing potential customers that you are a real business.
  2. They show how you can heal customer pain points by highlighting the value and effect of your services on someone else.
  3. They increase conversions 92% of customers read online reviews before buying so testimonials, or the lack of them, can ‘make or break’ a sale.
  4. They build relationships between your business and existing customers.
  5. They showcase your client-list so others can see who you have worked with in the past.
  6. They humanise your business by allowing readers to connect or relate to you better.

Tips on getting them

Here is a list of a few different ways you can get quotes from customers:

  1. Ask them to leave a review/write a testimonial via email or email campaign
  2. Have a business Facebook page to which customers can leave reviews
  3. Call customers and ask if it’s okay for you to get a quick quote
  4. Offer incentives eg. leave us a testimonial to get 10% off your next order
  5. Send out an online survey or questionare
  6. Set up your business on Google for Google reviews

How to use testimonials

Once you have testimonials you can use, you can post them on your website in their own section eg. ‘what our customers say.’ They should also go on your social media accounts. A great way to showcase a collection of testimonials on social media is by using the ‘highlights’ feature on Instagram. Make sure you check if your customers are okay with you quoting them, or if they wish to remain anonymous. Always request testimonials/reviews from new customers to build a collection.

Take a look at our Instagram to see how we use testimonials.

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