Things You Should Never Do on Social Media

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Social media marketing has become an essential factor for the growth of a business. When using social media professionally, there are some things you should never do, to avoid upsetting algorithms and/or customers. We have compiled a list of 10 mistakes for you to avoid.

10 mistakes to avoid:

  1. Mix business and your personal life

If it doesn’t connect to your business – don’t post it! It’s okay to have fun, but it’s important to make sure your content is relevant to your business or else you risk looking unprofessional.


  1. Post insensitive content

Offending people or communities will never get you far. In fact, it can get your account banned for violating community guidelines.


  1. Follow for follows

While you may gain followers, it is likely they won’t be active and will ruin your page’s engagement rates.


  1. Buying followers

Buying fake followers is even worse than follow for follows. Platforms like Instagram will detect and flag this type of behaviour as spam, and your rankings will plummet.


  1. Let negative comments get to you

Growing on social media means more people will notice you, and not all will have something positive to say. If a comment is not constructive, the best thing to do is ignore it.


  1. Not double-checking before you post

Checking your posts have no spelling errors or mistakes doesn’t take long but will maintain the professionalism of your account. You need to take your account seriously so others do too!


  1. Ignoring comments and messages

Comments and DMs are a valuable way to connect with your audience and find out more about them, teach them more about your business or convert them into customers.


  1. Not being active enough

Regular posting increases the chance of people finding your account and finding your content useful or appealing. Also, it shows social media algorithms you are actively using the app which will boost your rankings.


  1. Not utilising paid ads

Paid ads are very beneficial to increase your reach on a post, often in a short space of time. If there is a specific Instagram or Facebook post you want more people to see, consider ‘boosting’ it.


  1. Trying to do everything yourself

If you are busy with other business-related tasks, have multiple social media accounts, are not tech-savvy or simply don’t know where to start, it is worthwhile hiring a Social Media Manager or service to assist you.

These are some things you should never do on social media for your business. For tips on things you should do on social media, visit our blog.

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