How to Boost Engagement on Your Instagram and Blog

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How to Boost Engagement on Your Instagram and Blog

Instagram is an effective way to grow your business, build an audience and showcase your work. When combined with a great website or blog, it can be used as a tool to generate sales and boost your engagement rates. How can this be done? Read our 6 top tips to find out.

1. Optimise your account

An Instagram page is similar to the ‘about’ page of a website. Having a professional profile picture shows potential clients who you are and builds a sense of trust. Optimising your name and bio with key words allows users to find you more easily. You should also link your blog page or most recent blog post in your bio to intrigue visitors to click on to it.

How to boost engagement on your Instagram and Blog

2. Instagram Highlights

Instagram highlights can act as different tabs of a website to showcase different aspects of your business. Carefully selecting and ‘highlighting’ series of stories can boost your reach and engagement as new users can view content they have previously missed. You can include links to different blog posts in different highlights to drive new users to your blog. You can also utilise the highlights feature to introduce yourself, or your team members, including customer reviews and ‘behind-the-scenes’ content.

Media Chameleon Story Highlights

3. Polls

Polls are a great way to boost engagement on your Instagram and blog at the same time. You can get more views on Instagram stories, grow followers, get more blog views, as well as carry out target research. You can regularly hold polls on your Instagram story to ask questions to your audience, such as ‘what should we talk about in our next blog post?’ or ‘have you seen our latest post?’ to gauge their interests. The act of viewers voting on your polls boosts engagement and shows the Instagram algorithm your audience is interested in what you are posting. The algorithm then pushes your stories out to more people and allows your story views to increase.

4. Post snippets of your blog on your story

If you are unsure what to post on Instagram, or perhaps you have a blog post which you aren’t sure how to market, posting a story about it is a great way to boost both your Instagram and blog engagement in one post. Take an image from your blog, or relevant to it, and overlay a quote from your blog on top. Add stickers, which are fun and visual and thereby great for boosting engagement and link your blog post to the story. That way, users can directly visit your blog upon seeing your story.

5. Reels

Instagram reels are one of the best ways to grow your account and get more views in 2022 as the platform is currently prioritising short form video content. Posting reels at least 3 times a week will significantly boost views and engagement, as Instagram tends to push reels out to new audiences, and viewers who have never seen your account before. So, they are a great way to attract new customers or followers. Always share your reels to your feed and story so your existing audience can engage with them too. You can also include ‘Call To Actions’ (CTAs) such as ‘click the link in our bio to find out more’ which can signpost viewers to your blog.

6. Create great content!

Last (but not least) it is vital you are creating great, engaging content. Simple measures, such as ensuring pictures are high quality, that there are no typos in your post, and you have a clear brand identity can make a big difference in retaining viewer’s interest. Posts which tend to do the best on Instagram are either entertaining, educational, actionable, or niche-specific. So try to implement a combination of such posts regularly to hit the different needs of your audiences. It is highly likely that if someone likes your Instagram content, they will visit your website.


These are a few of our proven tips on how to boost engagement on your Instagram and use it as a tool to get more visitors to your blog. If this blog post was useful to you, comment below to let us know!

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