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Why advertise in online directories?

Online directories have existed for many years connecting businesses, customers and products. They have proven to be a successful high-income business opportunity which helps cost-effective advertising for brands and businesses.

Without having to spend as much as paid advertising, online directories can create opportunities for small businesses by delivering a niche service to find suitable clients. In this blog post, we have put together a few benefits your business can leverage upon by advertising in an online directory.

4 Benefits of Advertising in Online Directories

Cost-effective Exposure

Directories offer free-listing services to businesses, which provide access to millions of online customers. Then, people are able to see your services and products, and potentially become customers. Directories replace the need to spend a ton on paid marketing strategies.

Free advertising in the top search engines is a highly trustworthy and recommended advertising strategy. Yelp, Google Listings & Bing are some of the companies that help bridge the gap for many companies in the B2B space.

Increased Sales

Advertising in online directories increases sales. For example, customers who find a brand on Google are 50% more likely to make a purchase. Similarly, 97% of people who use Yelp are likely to spend their money on products or a business within a week. These top search engines have a renowned reputation for showcasing reliable businesses and products. Searches can also direct customers to your website. Increased traffic makes it more likely for sales to occur, as the consumers are being exposed to the services, products, mission statement, testimonials and more on your website.

Boost in Online Presence

When customers require information on a certain kind of service or product, they usually search online. Online directories provide targeted exposure for businesses to potential customers, increasing the chances of brand visibility and people knowing the business.

More website traffic means more brand visibility, and ultimately an increase in sales and promotion. The more people that know your brand, the more chance of new people discovering it through them.

Reach Your Target Audience

Niche online directories make it easy for a business to reach it’s targeted group of customers. They make it easier for the consumers to sort through filters such as service, location, business etc. According to a survey, many companies offer a service or a product based on the potential customer interest.

Many businesses ignore conventional paid advertisements which can cause a setback in increase of sales. In this case, you can use online directories, which vary across platforms and services, to find an ideal match for your customers.


Advertising in online directories is a cost-effective way to reach your boost your online presence, reach your target audience and increase sales. Browse through our range of directories here.

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