Our Company Has Core Values

Media Chameleon Values

Our vision is to be the leading, fastest growing Media Company in the UK providing world class print and digital exposure for our specialist/niche and regional clients


To connect our customers with their target markets, using a multitude of platforms to enable them to thrive and grow by generating more sales.

The Media Chameleon brand and all of its brands will become household names.

– Our Company Values –

Company values are the building blocks of our company culture. They are behind every sale our company makes. Values should be consistent
– so that through times of change, employees have some guiding principles to hold onto.

Media Chameleon Values

• Customer Orientated / Creative •

We are friendly, loyal, helpful, knowledgeable, and transparent. We create unique, high quality content that will effectively promote our clients across multiple platforms and are open to suggestions from our team.

• Results Focused •

We think big for our clients, for MC. We listen – to make sure that our business is as representative as possible of the audiences we serve across the UK.

• Respectful •

We expect good manners at all times whether this be to our customers or our staff. We should treat people the way we wish to be treated our self.

• Reliable •

We behave with integrity, we do what we say we will do. We’re punctual and always work the hours we say we will work.

• Dedicated •

We are tenacious, we don’t give up!

• Teamwork •

We learn from each other – working together to find a solution for our customers – You are never alone. Media Chameleon recognises the value of staff and the importance of people being a good fit for the team. A good fit is someone who shows that they live all of our values and share our passion for doing great work.


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