Our main aim is to get your advertising into the hands of your target audience

– Audience –

No matter how much you pump into advertising, none of it matters if it isn’t reaching the right people, which is why our main aim is to get your advertising into the hands of your target audience on a long term basis.



Our niche industry titles are highly specialised, targeting a specified audience to ensure each and every advert in our magazines is being seen by the right people, wasting not a single advertisement. From content to style and distribution, everything is designed to help you make maximum impact on your potential clients whatever your budget.


Jumping on the online train early means we have had the time and expertise to concentrate on optimizing our websites to ensure that they too are picked up by the best search terms and results to suit our advertisers. Quality, relevant content, competitions and blog work all contribute towards making this happen, as does the sheer age and weight of our sites. Our hit rates are high for a good reason; and we never stop working to keep up with evolving search engine technology and keep them consistently high.


Whatever your advert spend, distribution is key. The right shops, targeted outlets, major shows and exhibitions throughout the year and nationwide mean that our advertisers get the best possible value from their advertising.


Content matters. Online, it keeps traffic flowing, helps SEO and makes our websites useful resources for our viewers. In our magazines, the glossy perfect style combined with a wide variety of useful information, interesting articles, competitions, show guides, tips and advice give maximum shelf life and readability


Social Media

No one can deny the power of social media for business and the personal touch it provides. With this in mind, we work hard with our FaceBook, Twitter and GooglePlus pages, and with almost 130,000 followers, drive traffic into the websites, keep up to date with our customers and yours, and can offer yet another platform to help your business get covered. We can also help you with your company profiles, helping you to maximise exposure, manage content and gain visibility.



Media Chameleon understands community. We have worked within our niche industries for decades, and know that British community spirit is alive and thriving. We work with our customers to give the best outcomes, and our own close knit, friendly organisation makes us well placed to understand your needs individually as well as on a larger corporate level.

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